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24 August 2008

Locatable: Some stats

Locatable has been on Cydia for about a week now, and thanks to BigBoss I can see that there have been over 5,000 downloads (some of these are people upgrading from 0.1 to 0.2, of course). I've also done some analysis of the visitors to the Featured Sites page. First of all, I'm impressed by how far around the globe the jailbroken iPhone has traveled. Within just the last 12 hours there have been visitors from over 50 countries -- here are the top ones: 1. U.S. (18%) 2. France (7%) 3. Mexico (7%) 4. Brazil (6%) 5. U.K. (6%) 6. Spain (4%) 7. Canada (4%) 8. Slovakia (3%) 9. Italy (3%) 10. Norway (3%) Traffic is overwhelmingly (95%) coming from iPhones as opposed to iPods Touch, as you might expect for an app that is most useful with GPS when you're out and about; on the other hand, so far usage is still fairly evenly split between WiFi and mobile networks. In other news: I've got a heavily reworked version of Relocatable just about ready to go that makes it very easy to do the location tracking hack posted previously. It also does a far better job of getting accurate GPS readings, though it takes a little longer. I'm working on incorporating the same technique into Locatable and I'd like to start adding some more management preferences, such as the ability to have trusted sites that you aren't continually prompted for (much the same as the way the iPhone works for applications that request to read your location: after a couple of checks, it assumes you're fine with it). If you have other feature ideas please comment! n.b. If you have a working iphone-gcc toolchain installed, the Makefiles are set up so you can build your own copies of Locatable and Relocatable from source now, and the changes mentioned above for Relocatable are checked in.

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