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29 August 2008

The plunge

... I've taken it. Over the next 18 months, I will pay O2 UK £664 (plus the £159 I laid down at the Apple Store today) for the privilege of owning an iPhone 3G. When I look at it that way it seems, um, a lot, but as I can remember the time when I was paying £15/mo. for a bundle of 5 megabytes of data access (that was 2002, on Orange, if memory serves), I guess I can see the bright side of an unlimited data plan. As you might expect, the first step before syncing music and photos was Pwnage. Can't wait to try some of the iPhone-specific apps out there, particularly Saurik's new video recorder. Oh, and to see how Locatable works in the field using actual GPS. One annoyance: I couldn't get PwnageTool (the latest, to add in a custom boot image. I wanted to get the classic multicolor Apple image on there, but every time I went to add it, the tool crashed. Oh well — next upgrade.

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