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19 August 2008

Locatable 0.2 + source release

Locatable 0.2 should be out on Cydia soon. Release early, release often, as they say. It's a minor release that fixes an issue and adds a feature:
  • Locatable and its daemon process (Relocatable) would get stuck if the device couldn't get a location fix. Now it dies gracefully (though this can take a few seconds).
  • New option in preferences panel to specify how accurate of a location reading to get.
I'll also be adding some more options to the redirector, including the ability to test for a Locatable-enabled device without needing to prompt the user to share location. Stay tuned and your feedback is welcome. Also, in the practicing-what-you-preach department, the Locatable and Relocatable applications are available in source form under the GPL in the repository. To check them out using Subversion, try svn co (or relocatable). I'm not exactly proud yet of my Objective-C skills, so your critiques are probably warranted and indeed you're welcome to contribute!

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